Guenevere Schwien is a local Portland artist, she specializes in Motorcycle Paitnings, bubbles, and rainy landscapes. All of her work is original oil painting.
Vintage Ducati - Oil on Wood, 48" x 36"9FT Ducati -  Oil on wood, 108" x 72" SOLDRed Ducati - Oil on wood, 21" x 32"Hawk in the HIlls - Oil on wood, 21" x 31"Ducati Big Wheel - Oil on wood, 36" x 47"Yellow 1098 - Oil on wood, 27" x 18"Ducati Racer - OIl on wood, 24" x 32"CT70 - Oil on wood, 14" x 11"SRX Side - Oil on wood, 34"x x45" Completed at Jental Artist Residency in WY 2008Ducati Line - Oil on wood, 40" x 30" SOLDBSA - Oil on wood, 17" x 17" SOLDSRX Fork - Oil on wood, 54" x 36"
Guenevere started her series of motorcycle paintings when she was attending art school in San Francisco. She commuted from Oakland to school and work in the city across the Bay Bridge daily. Her obsession with motorcycles grew until she owned four bikes. At that point they started to appear in her work.

Her work is perfect for motorcycle enthusiasts that want a strong bold image to convey their passion for bikes. Commission her to immortalize your bike today.
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